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Here you can find an abstract of the Soulspell Metal Opera Saga, which was inspired on a real story told by Vinícius Silveira Moreno. The complete story will be released in a book soon.


Act I - A legacy of honor


In the first act of the Soulspell’s saga, Tobit, a young man tormented by insomnia and strange visions, has an unexpected encounter with Arlim, a white figure posing as a guardian angel (The Gathering). Arlim explains to Tobit the reason for his strange visions, telling the boy stories of his past lives and the deep interlacing of his life with Judith, his girlfriend. The first tracks on the album describe Tobit's past lives (Age of Silence, Troy, Alexandria, Milvian Bridge, The Blacksmith, The Impaler, A Little Too Far, Army of Just One Mind). Arlim tells Tobit that he still has an important role to play in his next life, but that this journey will not be easy and that he can choose to end his long journey on behalf of the creator if he wants to. That decision would be exclusively his. To live again serving the Creator's purposes or to live only that last life as an ordinary human being, alongside your beautiful girlfriend? The following tracks present the problems faced by Tobit after learning more about his visions and the reason for his existence. Would it be a gift or a problem to be someone so special, possessing an immortal soul (Soulspell)? Tobit begins to be tempted by Samael, the prince of devils, that appears in its visions bringing lies and almost irrecusable proposals (Weight Of Evil). The young man has many conversations with Haamiah, the ancient wizard, a spiritual leader for Tobit, with whom he shares many reveries about life, stars, Earth, skies and seas (Eternal Skies). Finally, Tobit faces the worst of his visions, immersed in the lair of Samael the young man faces the prince of devils face to face. Samael is convincing in explaining all the abuse and injustice committed to him throughout their lives. Was Tobit just a worthless pawn in the hands of the creator (The Last Life)? Tobit can get away from his last sight, when he receives a note from his girlfriend at school saying that both will have a child. What would be the fate of his son, the inheritor of the legacy?

Act II - The Labyrinth of Truths

In the second act of the saga, Timo, son of Tobit and Judith, is born. The boy usually goes through childhood without knowing about his father's past problems and without facing any abnormalities except the visions of his imaginary friend, Olaff, who accompanied him to the age of seven. However, Tobit continues to face terrible visions, which now show the death of his son (Amon's Fountain) or having even worse problems with his mind. One day, in one of these daydreams, Tobit loses himself through the Forest of Incantus and ends up in the gates of the Labyrinth of Truths (The Entrance/The Labyrinth Of Truths). There, in the skies of the labyrinth, he has some of the worst visions of his life, such as the death of Haamiah, the magician, his spiritual leader (Into The Arc Of Time - Haamiah's Fall). When he finally gets home, Tobit is strange and becomes more aggressive each day. This awakens Judith and Toryn's once-hidden relationship (Adrift). Toryn was a lumberjack who lived near the couple. Tobit's mind was still somehow trapped in the labyrinth and would never escape. Seeing the opportunity, demons start a dispute over the mind and special gifts of Tobit (Dark Prince's Dawn). Sometime later, when Timo turns 15, his best friend, Frederic, appears dead with strange marks on his body (The Verve). From this day on, everything changed for Timo's family. Strange things began to happen inside their house. Objects disappeared and appeared in other places, taps opened themselves and, at night, beautiful and sad melodies could be heard coming from the forest of Incantus. Timo decides to unveil the death of his friend and begins to study the books of his mother and father when they are sleeping. One of those nights, Timo finds a secret compartment (A Secret Compartment) and his mother's diary. It was a rainy night and Timo left alone for the forest of Incantus (Forest Of Incantus) looking for answers. All he carried was her mother's diary and his hope. A few hours later, Timo was completely lost inside the forest and, for the first time in his life, he would realize that he was not an ordinary human being. Desperate, Timo kneels and cries for help. At that moment, Olaff, his childhood imaginary friend, whom Timo had not seen since he was seven years old, appears and shows him the way to the Dead Tree, the only entity that could answer all his questions.

Act III – Hollow’s Gathering

Timo finally arrives at the Holy Dead Tree and, unexpectedly, is stopped by Banneth, her guardian. Both fight a mental battle and Timo ends up convincing him that he is the true heir of Tobit (The Keeper's Game). Finally, the boy can get to the tree, but he cannot understand her words and his mind is completely controlled by the entity (The Dead Tree). Now in an obscure world, where the heavens reflect our worst fears, Timo in trance watches his own death and Hollow's Gathering, the conclave of demons. Meanwhile, Adrian, a close friend of Timo and Frederic, finds Timo disappearance strange and begins weekly studies on spiritual worlds and supernatural powers with Padyal, the leader of a small sect on Earth (Adrian's Call / Echoes From Hell). Finally, in the eye of the worst storm of those times, despite all Toryn's efforts, Judith is murdered by Centaur, the demon who had possessed the mind and body of Tobit (A Rescue Into The Storm). Without knowing for sure where she is, Judith faces challenges that make her reflect on human life, human values ​​and priorities (To Crawl Or To Fly / Change The Tide). She is without her precious diary and he feels that her Judith is gone forever (Anymore). Crying and almost giving in, Judith begins to write the whispered thoughts and sayings from beyond, using her own blood and in her own dress (A Whisper Inside).

Act IV - The Second Big Bang

While Judith continues to face the dark and sarcastic games of purgatory (Game Of Hours), Timo finds himself trapped in a delirium at the feet of the Holy Dead Tree. She takes her mind on a journey through the end of times. Timo can see his father, Tobit, trapped and fainted on the floor of labyrinth (Father And Son), while watching, also, Humanity succumb (The Second Big Bang). In this fantastical journey through the Labyrinth of Truths, Timo crosses the Halls of Goldah, where he reads inscriptions that tell of the fairest and nobler warrior that ever existed (White Lion Of Goldah). Yet, Timo glimpses in the skies of the Labyrinth the moment his father go see Woden, the clairvoyant, and both end up releasing shadows and evil spirits on Earth when Woden's crystal ball is broken (Horus's Eye). Close to the end of his darkest vision, Timo sees Jahan, a renowned aerospace engineer, prepares for a RPG game alongside some good friends inside his games' store (Dungeons And Dragons), when his cell phone vibrates differently. He would not answer because he respected the weekly meeting with his friends a lot, however, when he glances at the message, his heart freezes and the dice falls out of his hand. Many years ago, Jahan had infiltrated a spy software on the computers of the space agency where he worked, looking for answers about the facts that were kept secret by the directors of the agency. Finally, his answers had come and they were not encouraging at all. The universe was receding (Super Black Hole). Jahan decides to continue the game but he cannot concentrate. It is a weird rainy Sunday and it seems to be something very wrong with time itself. What Jahan does not know is that the Holy Dead Tree is mixing the fantasy lived by Timo with the reality of Jahan's game. The actions taken by the players were controlling the life of Timo during his fantastic trip. And in one of the final moments of the game, Greibach the mathematician, Timo's professor, betrays Jahan (The End You’ll Only Know At The End), which leads to Timo's death inside the labyrinth. In our reality, Adrian finally finds his friend Timo who lies lifeless over the big and dark roots of the Holy Dead Tree (Time To Set You Free / Sound Of Rain).

Soulspell Metal Opera Act V is coming soon...


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